Museum – Silver vault

The silver vault contains a wide variety of ecclesiastical silverware. One of the prime exhibits is an old image of the Virgin Mary painted on leather and incased in a silver reliquary [22]. In the middle showcase [21] there is a collection of special issues of coins by the Republic of Malta and the Vatican City State.  Also worthy of notice is a medallion amidst altar-charts and candlesticks [23].

The beautiful solid silver crucifix and twelve huge candlesticks [24] placed on the high altar during the feast of Santa Marija, are by Bruckman und Sohns of Heilborn, Germany (1921). In the next showcase there are several pectoral crosses [25]. The large showcase [26.27.28]contains all sorts of liturgical utensils.

Particularly interesting are: a bishop’s travelling box, several old chalices with intricate silver and gold-work, missals with gold and silver binding, and a pair of very precious cruets. The solid silver altar-frontal with a bas-relief of The disciples of Emmaus is by the silversmiths Rossetti of Milan based on a design by ÌuΩe Galea (1970). In the other showcases, there are a set of silver platters and a jug [29] and more altar-charts and candlesticks [30].

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